Defend Site Against DDoS Attacks with xCAPTCHA

The ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity requires robust solutions to safeguard your online presence against threats like Layer 7 DDoS attacks. These attacks can disrupt your services and compromise the integrity of your website, mobile app, or API. To protect your site, you need a powerful solution like xCAPTCHA. In this article, we'll explore how xCAPTCHA can defend your site by blocking Layer 7 DDoS threats in real-time, detecting DDoS attacks, providing effortless deployment, and ensuring DDoS attack prevention is on autopilot.

Block DDoS Threats

SaaS Bot and Online Fraud Protection
Automated Blocking of Malicious DDoS Attacks
xCAPTCHA provides real-time protection against Layer 7 DDoS attacks. Our SaaS bot and online fraud protection software diligently analyze every incoming request to your online services and automatically block malicious bots responsible for DDoS attacks. This ensures uninterrupted service and a secure online environment for your users.

DDoS Attack Detection

In-Memory Pattern Database. AI and Machine Learning for Rapid Decision-Making
xCAPTCHA's DDoS attack detection system is highly advanced. It evaluates each incoming request to your mobile app, website, and API, comparing it against an extensive in-memory pattern database. Leveraging AI and machine learning, xCAPTCHA can swiftly determine whether the request is from a human or a malicious bot in less than 2 milliseconds. With an algorithm analyzing billions of requests daily and continuous updates, it offers robust protection against both known and emerging DDoS threats.

Effortless Implementation

No Need for Complex Architecture Changes or DNS Rerouting
xCAPTCHA stands out from other DDoS protection products by delivering protection as a service. You can avoid the complexities associated with architecture changes or DNS rerouting. Deploying xCAPTCHA as part of your DDoS mitigation strategy is a straightforward and simple process, ensuring that your defense is up and running efficiently.

DDoS Attack Prevention on Autopilot

Fully Automated Protection, site's security operates on autopilot. By configuring a whitelist of trusted partner bots, xCAPTCHA automatically manages all unwanted traffic and provides comprehensive protection against credential stuffing, credential cracking, and other DDoS threats. With tailored algorithms for each interface and endpoint, xCAPTCHA ensures a personalized defense strategy for your site.

xCAPTCHA is the ultimate solution to protect your site against Layer 7 DDoS attacks. With real-time blocking, effortless deployment, and fully automated protection, it offers peace of mind in an era where online security is paramount. Don't wait for your site to fall victim to malicious DDoS attackers. Take action today, and ensure the continued availability and integrity of your online services.