• Protect Your Site & Customers Against Account Takeover Fraud

    Protecting your digital ecosystem against Account Takeover (ATO) attacks is commanding. xCAPTCHA, powered by xCAPTCHA, offers a holistic solution by ensuring that your mobile apps and APIs receive the same level of security as your website. Its dedicated algorithms safeguard each interface, making real-time analysis and continuous updates part of its arsenal for comprehensive ATO attack prevention. Strengthen your defenses across all endpoints with xCAPTCHA.

    Account takeover fraud is a growing concern for businesses, and the need for robust protection has never been greater. As cyber threats evolve, so do the methods to combat them. In this article, we'll explore a cutting-edge solution, xCAPTCHA, which provides real-time account takeover detection and prevention to safeguard your business and customers.

  • Real-Time Account Takeover Detection

    xCAPTCHA employs state-of-the-art technology to scrutinize every request to your mobile app, website, and API. It goes beyond traditional CAPTCHA solutions by comparing each request against an extensive in-memory pattern database. What sets xCAPTCHA apart is its ability to make a determination, in less than 2 milliseconds, as to whether the request is originating from a human or a bot.

    This feat is achieved through a dynamic blend of AI and machine learning, enabling xCAPTCHA to continuously adapt to both known and emerging threats. Its algorithm, which analyzes billions of requests daily, is updated in real-time, ensuring that you are shielded against both old and new attack vectors.

  • Deploy ATO Protection in Minutes

    One of the key advantages of xCAPTCHA is its simplicity. Unlike many other account takeover (ATO) prevention products that necessitate complex architecture changes or DNS rerouting, xCAPTCHA is designed to be straightforward and seamless. It's the only ATO prevention solution delivered as a service, meaning there is no single point of failure, making deployment hassle-free. In just a matter of minutes, you can have xCAPTCHA up and running, fortifying your digital assets against fraudsters.

  • Account Takeover Prevention on Autopilot

    xCAPTCHA is not just effective; it's also efficient. Once integrated, it operates autonomously, minimizing the need for continuous manual intervention by your security teams. This is particularly beneficial when you consider the ever-evolving nature of online threats. When you set up an allowlist of trusted partner bots, xCAPTCHA takes charge of handling unwanted traffic and ensures automatic protection against account takeover attempts. Moreover, it recognizes that each interface and endpoint in your digital ecosystem may have distinct usage patterns. Consequently, xCAPTCHA employs dedicated algorithms to protect each one effectively, leaving no vulnerability unchecked.

  • Protect Against Account Takeover Fraud

    Account takeover fraud is a pervasive and persistent threat, but with the right tools, businesses can effectively protect themselves and their customers. xCAPTCHA offers a dynamic and efficient solution, blending AI and machine learning to provide real-time account takeover detection and prevention. Its ease of deployment and automated protection make it an invaluable asset in the ongoing battle against cybercriminals. By choosing xCAPTCHA, you're not only securing your digital assets but also ensuring a seamless and secure experience for your valued customers. Don't wait until the next attack; take proactive steps to protect your business with xCAPTCHA today.